UNI101.com.au is an online publication for people thinking of taking the plunge into the world of higher education. Here, you will find advice, information and stories that will help you make decisions and keep you entertained as you consider your options.

Maybe UNI101 will inspire you to commence a colourful, fulfilling and successful student life. Or maybe it’ll convince you to do something completely different. But if there’s one thing you can rely on: it’s frank, engaging and useful advice.

UNI101 cuts through the marketing hype and tells it like it is.

Who’s behind this?gary pic cropped

UNI101.com.au was founded in late 2014 by Gary Newman, a journalist and author who has been writing about education since 2006. His work has appeared in The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age and The Australian.

Gary has worked as a sessional journalism teacher at University of Melbourne. He has also worked in policy and regulation for the Victorian government and has for the past five years moonlighted as a consultant and documentary-maker.

Gary holds degrees in law and arts (politics) from Deakin University. Of a summer’s weekend he may be found imitating a cricketer on the mottled grass of Melbourne’s suburban sporting ovals.

Contact: gary[at]uni101.com.au