A Floody Good Time

In 2010, Cambridge News reported shoppers being concerned that a college at England’s Cambridge University had been flooded, with “gallons and gallons” of water pouring out onto the street.

As it turns out, the college was draining an 88,000 gallon artificial lake and canal constructed by students at Sidney Sussex College.

Unlike other Cambridge colleges, Sidney Sussex does not back onto the River Cam which his famous for its gondolas. So, when it was decided to have a ‘Venice’ theme for the student ball of May 2010, the organisers decided to construct their own artificial waterway, complete with gondolas.

The Daily Mail reported that two PhD undergraduates, Adam Lawrence-Owen and Rob Weatherup, spent months designing the canal and lake at cost of 5000 pounds.

A team of 10 were said to have taken a week to bring the design into fruition, using scaffolding and plastic sheeting. On the night, eight gondolas transported 1200 guests via a 200m canal that meandered through the college’s 16th century archways to an enormous artificial lake constructed in the central courtyard.

Check out the below time-lapse video of the canal being constructed.  Impressive effort.

(By the way, if you ever find yourself in England on holiday, a punt along the River Cam is one of the greatest ways to while away an afternoon.)